About Us

Our Background

CapAGRI Africa Ltd is a mobile app-enabled Business-To-Customer (B2C) Social Enterprise, and last-mile mobile financing platform for Smallholder farmers across African Agricultural Markets.

Our Mission

To promote and provide small holder farmers across Africa with affordable Business to Customer (B2C) financial services through mobile app-enabled solutions

Our Vision

To be the Agri-Fin Technology Solutions provider of choice in the Agricultural Sector across Africa

Our Apps

CAPTUREPesa™ is a Mobile loan app to provide cash advances and farm inputs financing for small holder farmers. It allows small holder farmers to apply for and get instant credit information (how much the farmer qualifies for based on agriculture commodities that the farmer has delivered and is awaiting payment), loan status and payment updates. The advances and farm inputs loans are disbursed directly and conveniently to the farmer’s phone by Mpesa mobile money.

CapturePESA Card

CapturePESA Card can be used worldwide through the MasterCard network. The Card is NFC enabled to identify account holders.

CapturePESA Account

Through Direct Pay Online CapturePESA can provide an account to allow transferring money to it in order to process the money into the CapturePESA Card.

The WeightCAPTURE™ application is used to manage purchases of goods that can be weighed. Through an Android smartphone and a Bluetooth enabled digital scale, WeightCAPTURE™ manages the collection and proper documentation of all the activities involved in purchasing goods. This application is used commonly in the agricultural sector in collection of Tea, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee or any other product that can be weighed.

The goal is to facilitate the user's duty of collecting the weight data with a Bluetooth enabled scale and sending it in real-time to the server and exchanging information with the warehouse so that the product collected can be processed. The application has also a Backend where all the info is then collected and payments to Farmers/Suppliers can be made.

The WeightCAPTURE™ Set:

Our Team

Steve Muema

Co-Founder & CEO

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Simon Gicharu

Apps Manager

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Lorenzo Bocompagni

Founder & CTO

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Damaris Ngugi

Co-Founder & Executive Director

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Lameck Orwa

Sales Manager

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